FAQ – frequently asked questions

Is there magic in Tollgund? Yes, you’ll find some magic in the woods mostly at night. But: Players can not use magic in Tollgund.


Do I have to build a new character? No. But honestly you will have the most fun if you do build a new character based on the Tollgund backround. You will get more involved emotionally in the story and the world if you do so.


How do we go Intime? To solve the problem with people knowing each other for a long time in the game, but not knowing each other at all, outside the game, we’ll start with an amnesia. You’ll wake up and remember… well that’s up to you! Your family? Your name? Why you are in Tollgund? You get to decide what other people will learn from you and what parts of Tollgund you wanna learn inside the game yourself.


Why are there no great battles? Because you can find that on every other con around, we wanna try something different and we prefer deep, emotional settings to battles with a lot of the same old.


Is there no fighting at all? Of course we got fighting! But it’s not really about the fight itself. It is more about acting. With this mindset a small woman can fight a huge man. If we give room to fellow players and emphasize with them, all of us will have more fun with (ingame) fights and they will look a hell of a lot cooler.


Is there action and danger? Not so much in the city. Maybe you’ll see a thief getting chased and arrested but if you want more than that: visit the slums. You’ll find all the scum your heart wants down there and a lot of stuff you probably never wanted. And even more dangerous are the woods, you should try it, you’ll love it.


Why do you not allow captains, mages, knights, nobles and foreign creatures? Because we find a world full of superheros not that interesting. Such a character should be extremely rare. If you’ll meet a mage at Tollgund it will be a NPC who will not be playing for herself but will further the plot you enjoy.


Non humans: allowed? There is thin line between Elves/Dwarfs (can not be played by players) and Hobbits (can be played). Why? Because the first two are often a gazillion years old, have the speed of light. Hobbits just eat and drink. So you are welcome to play a small creature who is easy to scare and wound, but not an superhero.


Which genre are we playing? At the core ist a fictional medieval city. But as soon as you set foot into the woods it is fantasy, horror and fables.


What should I wear? let’s start by looking at some movies or series: Game of Thrones, Lord of the rings, Vikings. But remember, you are not trying to be exactly like the stars of those story’s. Just get inspired. No one will hang you if its not perfect, if you play your character well and are an empathic person everything is going to be okay. However even if we are big fans of steampunk, western, postapocalyptic stuff and so on, please refrain from using these genres as your inspiration.


Is there someone like Odin or the Scots? No. All other cultures and religions you know from our reality will not be playable in Tollgund. It’s a fantasy world. You can of course play something inspired by that but please be creative: find new names and places for your concepts.


What does „party in style and with class“ mean? Have you ever encountered this situation: it’s shortly after midnight, some very drunk people stare zomieesque at the few dancing women, who are starting to feel like something meaty and icky. And everything starts to be about just one thing… when the last dancing women are getting a lot of unwanting attention from the most drunken men the party finally dies. We don’t want that. We love party’s. That’s why we got an eye on the crowd and provide, music, energy and dancing to keep it going.


Are there no rituals? Of course there are! We have some really nifty ones too like weddings, funerals and the occasional burnings of… well you find that out. ‚Normal‘ Larp-Rituals that go on for hours where people are murmuring spells, knights are protecting a circle and so on, you’ll still find on other cons.


What do I have to bring? Your own garments, tent, food, sleeping stuff. But you will be able to buy a lot of food and drink at the market and the taverns. If you cannot bring your own tent, no problem: We have sleeping places in a gym. Please find under tickets.


What kind of tent do I need? If you don't want to sleep in the gym, you do need a tent: Only tents that looks like they’ll belong inside a medieval city. It doesn’t have to be authentic to the last drop, but it shouldn’t be a problem in a film scene. If you are not sure if your tent qualifys, just send us a picture and we’ll tell you.


Are children and adolescents welcome? Yes, but they may not visit the slums, Uppdag or the forest. We do have a special program for family’s, but for now it’s not really optimized for international guests. If you are interested though, please do contact us, we will find an option for your family!


Are dogs allowed? Unfortunately no. We love dogs! But the location do not allow dogs.