Friedheim - "The holy haven”

  • Safe, clean, orderly, holy, faithful, hardworking, open, tolerant, peaceful - at night they party here
  • Church of the Flunker, nuns, monks, farmers, trappers, merchants, woodworkers, craftsmen, artists...only the minority are flunkers, but they set the tone. The rest are settlers or refugees from Europe and some natives.
  • Language: mostly German
  • There never is any fighting here (the place is sacred) - so ingame and offgame there should be no fighting here.
  • At night, the other camps visit Friedheim: either to party - or to negotiate with the enemies without the possibility of a fight.
  • Resources: gunpowder, food, wood, furs, pearls... and: Music, dance and performing arts!

You want to play, trade, craft or party in peace - without being attacked? Without witchcraft or shooting? Then you are at the right place here! But please respect the priests of the Flunker.


The Church of the Flunker: The Prussian-Helvetian Free Church split off a few years ago and was persecuted by the Prussian state. Basically, they are pious and quite tolerant. However, they live excessively at night and party wildly, which has made them unpopular with all other Christian churches. In the morning, the party-happy “Flunkies” seem to transform completely: then they pray, behave piously and lovingly, constantly quoting their saints:


"The fuller the belly, the freer the spirit!" or


"ora et celebra - first pray, then celebrate!"


Their love of art is also special: poetry, dance, music and painting. A flunker manages to see art - and the divine - even in a brushstroke.


Some say they were named after "Edmund Funker," one of the founders. Others are sure it comes from the saying:


"We never lie, we just fib a little." 😉

(“flunkern” means fib in english)


Many of the stiff lords, noble ladies and stuck-up prigsof James Town really like Friedheim: here they can relax a little. Here they can do "just good business" - and even with their enemies. In Friedheim there are no ambushes. So you can give your opponents a good talking to - or spontaneously change sides.


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© Suma Spiegelglas Photography