Witchcraft and Sorcery

MAGIC basically functions similar to shooting.


Unfortunately, we can't do magic offgame (yet). The magic only works if at least two people play or react appropriately. And engage in a fantasy together.

No fast spells, i.e. nobody can

  • "Petrify," "Lightningball," "Rust 50."
  • "Nothing will ever happen to us in this protective circle!"
  • "And here - you just got healed, by the way."

Not mystical. Also: too much power.


Some player will potray witches, shamans or cult leaders. And we NPC/Orgas will play sick stuff, too. What's it about?


Subtle magic, dark rituals, nasty curses - but also healing.

Healing like this takes time, involves several people, and is rather exciting. Immersive. Sometimes it seems more like torture?


Most of it will just happen - between you and another person. It doesn't matter if it's an NPC or a player. When in doubt: play along, say "yes", offer, get into a "loop". Make yourself little (sometimes big), scream, show fear, anger, pain - or go crazy! 😊 Drama. Emotions.


Think less, feel a lot. Show a lot!


There is no:

  • "What do I have to do EXACTLY?”
  • “What would be perfect? Is that realistic?"
  • "How much astral energy do you have left? So, how many points?"

Basically, if you're doing magic:

  • You don't need an orga or a NPC to display your magic.
  • Casting spells takes time and is kind of fun for everyone.
  • You don't cross arms or time freeze. You don't need offgame telling.

Okay, in case of need you could whisper something in the player's ear if the player is completely overwhelmed. Or you could slip the enchanted person a note.


The can stay ingame while avoiding offgamge Telling, e.g.:


"Ah, do you feel the tingling in your head yet? The chill that..."


But sometimes a small system can be enriching:


Probably before the game starts, we give each player a piece of paper. We trust you not to look at this piece of paper at first - but to carry it with you. Then, if you ever hurt a witch or a mystical being, you take out the note after the scene. You think about a number from 1-6 beforehand and read through the corresponding offgame information. Then you act accordingly. It might say things like:

  • "Tonight, you will sleepwalk. Go to the cabin in the forest and..."
  • "You will be plagued by nightmares. Sometimes even during the day. Seek out healing!"
  • "Seek out the person who hurt you and..."
  • "Attack one of your friends tonight. You are not yourself, but..." Etc.

Uncertainty creates adventure. So, we no longer have total control of our actions. And you think twice about really pointing the gun at that damn witch... 😉 (Do it!)


Some of Taboo Moor's inhabitants can perform magic. But there are other roles that you might call "witches": Narune, Mad Faces...


Can you die if you get cursed? Or kill a witch? Yep:

More on char death and the risks.