FAQ - Taboo Larp English

Where does the Larp take place? CVJM Herbstein, Ernst-Klotz-Weg 1, 36358 Herbstein in Germany


When? Friday, May 17, 2024. Time In at 8:30 p.m.


How can player connect with others or exchange information beforehand?

We have a discord channel and a facebook group. The groups are private, just knock and we'll let you join.


Are children allowed?

Unfortunately not.


If I already have a ticket, how do I register my character? Please fill out the following form.


Can I resell the ticket? Yes, it is transferable and not person-bound. It only depends on the code.


Can I arrive before Friday?

Yes. Have of the players will arrive one day before. Thursday evening we have outgame party in the tavern. If you are not sleeping in a tent, please write to us info(at)tollgund.de.


Is it worth to come later (e.g. for one or two days)?

Yes, but it's important that if you come after the game started, don't disturb the others! Get dressed first, arrive ingame and get your stuff later. After you talk to our team (game masters).


Can a player character die?

Yes. See char death.

How does it work with the ingame currency?

Pounds and shillings - bills only. There will be no "realistic" economic system. You can print your own money for you character, here.


What should I pay attention to when creating a character?

Do not copy a character from a movie. Your character should have weaknesses and fears. You can find more about this here...


What languages do you speak?

If you like (as long as you can offgame), your char can speak multiple languages. Most people will speak English and German. Language differences should only help the immersion.

  • Friedheim: German (but people will understand if you talk in English to them)
  • James Town: mostly English
  • Taboo Moor: language mix, fantasy...

Are there players who can do magic?

Yes, but please no "lightning balls" or “a quick healing”. Rather subtle witchcraft, dark rituals. If you want your char to be able to cast spells, read on here, "How do we portray sorcery?"

Witchcraft is forbidden in James Town and in Friedheim.

Can player be rich, powerful, or noble?

Yes. The more powerful the role, the more responsibility you have. "Think" then more like an NPC and ignite plots.


Can any player carry a firearm?

No. Wizards don't. And if you're a rich dandy or a fine lady, you let your servants or bodyguards shoot.


Who has the most gun power?

Soldiers and bodyguards. If you play a soldier, you can stuff yourself with sabers and firearms. :) Soldiers are subordinate to the governor.


They are basically stronger than everyone else: they shoot more accurately and also fight better with the saber than other chars. There are player and NPC soldiers.

Which weapons fit the game?

  • Very good: muskets, single-shot guns (don't shoot projectiles), sabers, rapiers, clubs, knives, short axes...
  • Not allowed: revolvers, shields, big two-handed weapons and swords

Battle staffs and spears have too much "advantage" in larp. Therefore they are rather for a NPC. Shields, long hammers and swords do not fit into the setting at all. More for shooting...


Are there several attacks also from outside, i.e. from the NPC's side?

Yes, but not in Friedheim. As soon as you leave the safe Friedheim, it can become dangerous.


Do the Tollgund rules, such as the rule of 3, apply?

once you leave a camp, you go with a maximum of three people. Use a lantern! If you hide without a lantern and get caught by a Mad Face, it will be hard for you.


"If there are more than 3 together, the whole group dies."


Can I play my old char?

We are playing in the "real" world. You should not play your old pirate or even a fantasy char. But you can use parts of the wardrobe. We recommend you to create a new character.


Actually, there is no telling, like “you see, I am invisible"?

Please, try to do without telling!


Is there electricity?

Offgame of course, but also ingame? Yes! Historically, there was no electricity at the time (at least not on Hawakani Island). But let's bend the world a little. Friedheim is already using electric lanterns.


Can you take photos?

Only if you play an ingame photographer. So, those first folding cameras with a killer flash.

Are there monsters, ghosts or even werewolves?

Never in Friedheim. In James Town also usually not. But basically, anything can happen at night in the forest or on the paths. In Taboo Moor ... anything will happen.


But we stay subtle. There be no "monster waves".


If you don't like creeps, ghosts, etc., avoid the forest and Taboo Moor!


Are dogs, horses, sheep.... allowed?

Yes. We do have at least dogs.