Personalities and groups in Friedheim:

Keep in mind that you do understand German if you want to camp here. If not, we recommend to you James Town or Taboo Moor.


Friedheim's Helvetic figurehead is Saint Annigna - a role model for all members of the Flunker community: wise, kind and patient. "So much light and love" - some James Towner might vomit.


However, the actual man in charge is another: Father Johann. The former Prussian letterpress printer conducts most of the masses and, yes, also raises his index finger from time to time when the flunker nuns and monks get too carried away. Sure, he never complains at night, when "the good Lord is asleep and anything goes, as long as the table is only broken by too hard dancing."


The Flunkers own Friedheim and run the settlement - but they are the minority. Other groups include:


The Guild of the Muse:

Artists from all corners of the world gather here: musicians, dancers, painters, theater players, and their leader: the Irish writer Sir O'Rock - one of the world's most famous writers, who gets a good smooch from his muse here. On a typical evening in Friedheim, the dancers jump like mad on the tables and benches of the Flunker church, accompanied by wild music, while the painters try to draw the scenery. And Sir O'Rock scribbles even more wildly in his books!


The Guild of the muse were the first non-Flunker to immigrate to Friedheim. Not only because it's safe here - but also because the Flunkers are really open to art: "True faith is hidden from art!"


The Craft:

Craftsmen from Franconia, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary have joined together to create here in peace. They are led by the iron bender from Carinthia: August the blacksmith is a real respecter.


The Schraten:

They are among the few who carry weapons: the rangers, trappers, hunters, woodcutters, herbalists and charcoal burners. Many come from Silesia, the Czechia and Poland - but two Hawakani trackers have also joined them. They all love to sleep safely in Friedheim, because their day's work is anything but safe. The woods are teeming with danger, which has brought the Schraten close together.


The family Berg (is rather a gang):

This family from Sweden is new to Friedheim and is led by Gunhild Berg, known as "Flinte." Supposedly she shoots as well as "Monte," the sharpshooter of the Huntsmen.


The Berg gang seems to be becoming a problem: It has a firm grip on the carft and the guilds. Supposedly they get protection money - but for what? Friedheim is safer than the Vatican! The Flunkers' hands are tied and they urgently need help against the gang. If you openly talk to someone from the guild or the craft about the gang, they dodge uncertainly.


The Free:

This is where those who do not belong to any group hang out: Brewers, cooks, tanners and merchants from Russia, Italy and the Netherlands.


Recent events...


The shining image of Saint Annigna just got a...*cough*...scratch:


A week ago, a trapper caught the saint at Hawakani Creek. She was standing very still in the creek at a shallow spot - naked and covered in blood. There was no trace of her clothes on the bank either. When the astonished trapper stammeringly offered the saint his help, she coolly replied, "Yes, thank you, my good sir. May I borrow your coat?" Then she slowly began to wash the blood from her face and hands.


The event passed around and seems to have left a deeper crack in the perfect Flunker's world: Church services now seem more hurried and stiff than before. In return, the celebrations become dangerously excessive....

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