At night a maximum of three on the road

When you leave a camp at night, take at most two companions with you. And it is best to have a lantern with you.


What does night mean? When it starts to get dark. In doubt it is already dark.


Why? With this rule there is a higher chance of action. It's creepier and more exciting for you.


You want more tingly feeling? Accept the rules and immerse! Create a "loop" with your companions:

one whispers, the other nods silently, the lantern rattles... the musket trembles in the darkness. Then you quietly sneak through the forest or across the field.


This also applies to the short way from Friedheim to James Town.

Is their an ingame explanation? Why only three at most?


"Hawakani Island is cursed. If you sneak from one camp to another in a small group and with a light, you should stay alert: The Huntsmen and the Mad Faces also sneak through the forest. And those are not the only ones.


But if you think it's safer to go with a whole squad, you're wrong! The last time a troop of soldiers accompanied a lady, they didn't get far. One soldier came back alone and whispered, "I killed them all!"


A lie! The next morning they found the bodies of the lady and her companions. Some still had the muzzels of their pistols in their mouths. The Lady was strung up from a tree.


It is said, the survivor has gouged out his eyes the next night and fled to Taboo Moor."