Places and people in James Town:

The settlement is divided into Upper James Town and Lower James Town, with most referring to the lower area as just "The barrel". The Barrel is like a buffer between the upper part and the dangers: The Mad Faces, Huntsmen and Taboo Moor. This tent-only town is mostly inhabited by those who haven't made it (yet). The Barrel has two gangs divided between them: The Makers and the Brokers.


The Makers boast of making or harvesting things (poor craftsmen, fishermen, beggars, thieves...).


The Brokers prefer to buy and sell (drug dealers, day laborers, blackmailer, mercenaries...).

Upper James Town or "Uppder Town" for short is a mix of wooden shacks and better tents. The middle and upper classes live here: rich merchants, lords and ladies, educated people, trappers, soldiers, explorers, artists and simple craftsmen.


The most important buildings are the "Public Bath" (offamge showers and toilets), the "Depot" (ammunition and powder) and the Trade Office.


Personalities and groups in James Town:


The settlement is governed by Governor McTum. He is considered erratic and quick-tempered. Since he frequently prays at Friedheim, parties late, and sleeps even longer, he is conspicuous by his absence. He is so frequently deputized by Lady Highton that one can sometimes forget who is really in charge. Lady Highton has long been a widow. And, unlike Governor McTum, she is very conscientious and forward-looking.


The soldiers of the British Crown, the so-called "Redcoats", are loyal to the death. Even without pay, they would do anything for their country - and thus anything for the Governor (or Lady Highton, depending on who is "in charge" at the time). Some Redcoats may be bribable for minor offenses - but they would never refuse direct orders from the Governor. The soldiers shoot and fight better than anyone else - much better than the Corps.


The second military group is James Town's Corps - a ragtag bunch of men and women who know a little about shooting. Among them are grocer John and blacksmith Colvin, people who simply need more money at the moment. De facto, they answer to James Town and thus to the governor. The problem: the town treasury is empty. McTum can no longer pay the Corps. Without money, they will only sluggishly defend the settlement. There are whispers that the East India Trading Company is paying the Corps directly - further extending its power. A week ago, a brawl broke out between the Redcoats and the Corps. "Hey, it was about honor! I think..."


The East India is made up of respected and very wealthy merchants. Its president is Sir Mayham - a tough and extremely cunning businessman. The East India is not only powerful, it also continues to increase its wealth and influence. Not only in James Town. Typically, when there is peace, "War is better for business!" And when there's a war going on: "Let's capitalize on a possible peace now!" They speculate, scheme, promise, bribe, threaten - even blackmail - to achieve their goals.


Some East India merchants have a great weakness - a kind of want or longing: they would like to be blue-blooded - most of all they would like to buy more land and especially titles!


Such titles, and thus the highest prestige, are enjoyed by the nobility: the ladies and lords strut around, squandering the money they actually no longer have and fearing for their dwindling influence. On the one hand, the word of the nobility carries a lot of weight: with the governor, in the city, with laws... but the nobility is chronically short of money. For that, unfortunately, they need the hated East India.


Finally, there are the free merchants: they are courted by the East India - or cold-bloodedly ousted. Some merchants claim that in future they will found their own Trading Company...

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