Our values

We have a ranking:

  1. Empathy
  2. Fun
  3. Play potential
  4. Deep character play

1. empathy: we respect the limits of the other. At least we do not want to hurt anybody - physically and emotionally.


We perceive the others, put ourselves in the position of our counterpart. No matter if we fight, offer plot, dance, sing, act - or just tell a story: we want the other person to be happy.


We ask ourselves, what can we contribute with our actions? How can we give others awesome moments?


2.fun: We want to have fun! We do not sacrifice ourselves.


We enjoy the scenes and radiate that. The more fun we have, the more fun others have. And the more we enjoy the fun of others, the better we feel - if most people think and feel that way, we light a great fire.


3.play potential: We do not think in linear plotting - or in constraints. We are also not disappointed when scenes don't work out the way we had imagined them. We think in potential, in chances. Every action - no matter if orga or player - creates opportunities for the game afterwards. When we're not sure how our character should react, we ask ourselves:


"What can I do to make sure there's a good chance that something nice will happen (for me, but most of all: for others)"?


4.deep character play: We want to play. Role playing! As emotional as possible. We stay ingame, we stay in the world and in our role. And encourage immersion for everyone.


These four points have a ranking for us - we are aware that many players have other values. We expect players to accept our values - when they sign up for Tollgund or Bollthing. Better: They live them! Meaning:


Deep character play is very important to us - but more important than "My character would never do such a thing" is game potential. Stay in character, stay ingame - but it's ok if you bend your ingame character a little bit, as long as this can create more ingame opportunities for you and others.


Game potential is important, but more important to us is that you have fun.  You - not your char - but you should feel comfortable. Do not sacrifice yourself and go home disappointed afterwards. Protect yourself and your play!


Your joy is very important to us - but please do not do it at the expense of others. If you enjoy putting other people's tents down, we have a problem: It's no fun for others.


Empathy is our core value.


Our job as an orga is to organize a extraordinary larp for people who think and feel similar to us. To make this work, we make sure that these values are protected. We live these values and bring them to the world.


How? For example with blogs like this. With videos. With feedback to the players – and with workshops just before the game starts.


You can identify yourself with these values? Then create a fairytale world with us and become part of Tollgund.


We wrote an arcticle to the play principle "First say Yes" - that might help you finding and creating even morge play.