Taboo - Blood, Pain and Powder

17 -20 May 2024 in CVJM Herbstein, Germany (cottage village and campground)


Setting: Myths, muskets, witchcraft, 1826, not historically accurate, fantasy island in the North Pacific with 3 settlements


Game potential: skirmishes, shootouts, adventure, suspense, trade, politics, intrigue, betrayal, blood, dark rituals and witchcraft


How tolerent are we?

What NOT to expect?

  • linear main plot, which should be followed
  • 18 o'clock final battle, "shield wall", NPC waves...
  • historically correct setting

What can you expect?

  • mini-plots, sandbox, improvisation
  • deep immersion and character play
  • our team plan scenes - and the outcome is uncertain.

There are three locations for player and NPC:


1. Friedheim: "The Sacred Port".

  • safe: no fights or witchcraft
  • pious during the day - partying at night
  • ambience, fun and free play
  • language: German

2. James Town: "The Powder Keg

  • threatening and intriguing
  • nobility vs. lower class
  • adventure and muskets
  • Language: English (but cultural mix)

3. Taboo Swamp: "the outcasts"

  • dark and forbidden 
  • bloody and creepy
  • witchcraft and dark rituals
  • Language: Fantasy, Mix... (cultural mix)

If you want to learn more about a settlement, click on the name.


Tickets are available here. But for now, read on...

Aspiration and Setting:

  • Intrigue and betrayal: Make an alliance - and break it before the others do. Take it easy offgame. Maybe even take it lightly ingame. 😊
  • Make yourself ugly: bloody, dirty, scarred. You're noble? Put on makeup, use powder and nasty wigs.
  • Only wear clothes that can get bloody and dirty! We like to splash fake blood.

You want to know more about the background and history of the three places? Click here to continue.


What are possible scenes, plots or settings?

  • Duels, skirmishes, betrayal and intrigue, espionage, masked ball, class struggle, rituals, experiments, hunting enemies...
  • sometimes it just stays peaceful: trade, ambience, chilling, music...
  • read more

Want to connect with other players or non-players?

We have a discord chanel and a Facebook group for that: taboolarp group is private, just knock and we'll let you join.


Cabins and tents:

Basically, the interiors of the tents and huts are offgame. But you can also make your sleeping area ingame: Then put a sign clearly visible - with the name of your profession or your family. Others know that you are allowed to continue playing in your tent or hut.

But be careful: this also means that someone may sneak in, steal something, leave something behind, or there may be fighting. If full immersion kicks you: go for it!


Style guide / garb? 18th/19th century (we won't get too specific). Victorian or the time before.


Actually, pirate or western style also fits the genre. A revolver hero doesn't fit at all, but the clothing style does. And you can't play a captain either, but you could use some clothes from your wardrobe for your new char.


You only have medieval clothes? As a beggar, rogue, woodsman, dancer, or peasant, that would work too.

Muskets and weapons: Do you need muskets? No. Most player will carry a dagger at most. But maybe you enjoy threatening and shooting - then get a pistol or rifle that can fire a single shot (so, not a revolver). Sure, we're talking about deco pistols here, like this (no projectiles flying).


You can pull the hammer, pull the trigger, and it goes "BANG!" Not insanely loud, but it's enough for your opponent to act out.


How does the shooting and fighting work anyway?

Realism? It is not going to be realistic or historically accurate! Then there would be no Flunker Church or sorcery. And women would not be allowed to play rich merchants. So please don't argue with "...but it wasn't like that back then". Sign up only if emotional scenes are more important to you than realism - and you can do without historical "correctness".


Possible roles/classes:

  • Lords and ladies (nobility)
  • politicians, diplomats, powerful people, East Inda Trading Company, clergy
  • Researchers, Physicists, Explorers, Archaeologists, Doctors
  • citizens, craftsmen, merchants, administrators, innkeepers, fishermen, dancers, artists
  • soldiers, performers, servants, messengers
  • scum, beggars, thieves, dealers
  • witches, shamans, ritual wizards (hast nothing to do with a certain cultural background)

Witches, shamans and other "spellcasters":

  • Are not allowed to carry firearms.
  • must apply, i.e. send us an email
  • it's best to bring a second charecter - so you can play something funny or affectionate for once

How do we even play spellcasting?


What can you NOT play?

  • Captains or classic pirates
  • Western heroes, knights or paladins
  • elves or other fantasy races
  • classic mages

Which series or movies fit?


Taboo (Tom Hardy), Sleepy Hollow (Johnny Depp), Pact of the Wolves, La Révolution, Penny Dreadful (Eva Green)...


On amazon you can watch Taboo, for example:

Just let the series inspire you. Please play a new role - which also fits to the larp. Not good: "I play like the main character of Taboo, never be afraid and I show no pain." Have more weaknesses than the chars in the movies or books.


More on charater creation for the Taboo larp....


NPC / Orgas:

Jumping between some roles: Mad Faces, French Huntsmen, soldiers, thieves... but also decision makers (governor, supreme nobility, priests...).


FAQ: Here we collect more frequently asked questions.

Taboo - Podcast

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Taboo Instagram: Taboo.Larp