Big Rocks, values and rules:

1. Print out your ticket. Without a ticket you have to buy another ticket on the spot!


2. You can join the game after it starts, i.e. you miss the time-in, which will be on Thursday at 20:30, but dress first before entering the grounds. Your car is not allowed to enter the area after the play starts under any circumstances. Please find an orga-member first.


3. Your character may not wear a shield, helmet, thick armor or long weapon. You are not playing a pirate, western hero, elf or knight - but an appropriate character from the 18th or early 19th century.


4. Be prepared! Have a second char, if you play more risky: your char can die. See: Death of your Char.


5. Firearms can only shoot once (and then can be reloaded).

You pull the trigger and you hear a "BANG!". If you get hit, play nicely. No projectiles! Think of what would be if you were hit.


6. Think twice about shooting or hitting witches or other mystical beings. Face the consequences: you will be cursed. Find out what that means.


7. Do not hurt offgame anyone! Neither by too loud firearms, by physical uncontrollability or by not keeping personal limits.


8. Fight: it's all about acting - not about winning! When in doubt, let your opponent win. Most opponents are stronger than you. Some may even almost be immune to weapons.


9. Infight and head hits are allowed - because you fight slowly and carefully. You fight for other participants and observers. Fight only when you have not drunk any alcohol and when you are in control of yourself.


10. Magic: only a few players and NPC can use magic. If you can: play nicely and don't have too much power. If you get bewitched? Play along for now.


11) If you leave a camp at night, take max. two companions with you! Otherwise very bad things will happen to your group. But you can always pass other groups, when you do it quickly and silently.


12. If you find a chest, lights or big artifacts (tomb slab, giant bones...), please leave them behind. Take only the small things, such as coins, stones, etc. with you. If you see a note, you can read it and play with the information. Leave the note behind.


13. Immersion: make sure we stay in immersion as much as possible. Sure, you can go offgame. Just do it in such a way that no one notices. Whisper or back down to your tent. Don't walk to the shower with a toilet bag (hide visible offgame things).


14. Do not disturb the scene! Enrich the scene - or give space. Put empathy over ego! Play submissive sometimes! Make others big.


15. Give others nice scenes. Generate play potential. If you like, accept any play which is offered to you. Most of us are grateful when we are offered something - or even when our offers are accepted. It's often the small scenes that enrich the world.


16. Play emotionial: Get involved in the scene and play along - act out. As best you can. Show your feelings. Anger, hate, laughter, love, disgust, sorrow… and most of all fear!


Don't play a "cool" char, a veteran who has experienced everything and can´t be impressed anymore. You are a vulnerable hero. Make sure your char has some weaknesses. What is your character afraid of? How do you show fear, sadness, joy...? Don't be cool or even loud in the forest or when the scene might be threatening or scary. Rather, show your fear or other weaknesses.


17. Historical correctness, realism, logic and perfection are not important for us. Our focus: beautiful scenes. Intense emotions. Goosebumps. Drama. Fun to play.


18. Are you a bit unsure about the rules? Don't worry! Play first! Ask yourself: what do the others need? Check your feelings. You don't need a game master in any scene. For that there are the notes, boxes - values and free play. Immerse and play! Are you unsure? Just do it. If you are still unsure, come to us - we will help you!


Prepare yourself: Use our homepage to get in the groove. The better you prepare, the more fun you'll have - and the more fun you'll give others.


We'll do everything we can to make sure you have a funny and exciting time. If you do your part too, we can create something really fantastic! 😊


Rock on!


Your Tollgund Orga

Do you have any questions? Char ideas?


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