Tollgund Tickets

Are you on board? Great. Let’s have a look at our eight quarters:


1. Tawas – displaced and spiritual

2. Croga – farmers and adventurers

3. Franden – northeners and tribes

4. Kardor – rich people and philosophers

5. Uppdag – gypsies and foreigners

6. The City – artists, merchants, and craftspeople

7. The Slums – crooks, beggars, and thieves

8. Prakken - travelers


Ingame you can of course pay all quarters a visit. But if you are an international player (with no German skills) you should go for Uppdag or Prakken. The reason is that we have special measures in place here for our international guests. We will have English speaking guides and signposts to ensure you feel welcome.


In total we expect around a 10-20 English speaking players. Most of the German players however, speak reasonable English. So do not worry about being lost in translation. The city will treat you very well.


As a quarter Uppdag is the exotic place. Ingame it hosts the gypsies, exotic merchants, dealers in tricks & potions, artists, and story tellers. So even ingame the people of Uppdag are the exotics of Tollgund. But they are all part of the city Tollgund. Prakken is not part of Tollgund. Here, the chars are in transit.


Notes in the woods and signposts will be in both English and German. That will allow you to fully participate in any kind of plot. And even better, it will allow you to fully immerse in our world of Tollgund!

Important: as soon as you paid your ticket, please print it. Or better yet; print it twice. Because there will be no access without a ticket.


There will also be no possibility to purchase a ticket at the con locally. Only people with a prepaid ticket will be admitted. There are a 500 tickets available.


The price of a ticket is 225€ Choosing an early bird special might get you a better deal.


When your registration is complete you will receive an email from us. Please also check your spam folder. The ticket will come via email.


Please visit our FAQs.


Click “verstanden” (“understood”) for accepting the cookies. After that you can select English and "Hier" (mobile version):

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"Jugend Ticket" = Just for Kids. Hard for foreigners, as Kids are not alowed in uppdag. This might change in the future.


"2. Staffel Tollgund Ticket---" = ...second scale. You need a ticket to participate. You book the cheapest. If all tickets are "sold out", you are too late. Sorry, there will be no possibility to buy a ticket at the con locally.


"Turnhalle Schlafen Aufschlag..." = if you have no ambiente tent, this extra ticket could be interesting for you. You need a normal ticket and additionally this ticket, then you can sleep in a gym. The gym will be not part of the game, but it is very close to the main gaming area. You do need your sleeping stuff, i.e. sleeping bag, matress...


Some of you might contemplate coming with an old, existing character. But we would love you to create a new character for Tollgund. This will make it easier to engage in this new world we will have built for you. You will write new stories faster, meet new friends, and foes!, faster than you can think “mead”. You will simply have more fun.


So if you want to make the most of your holiday, your time, and your Tollgund experience, create a character that already belongs there. :-D