James Town - "The Powder Keg"

  • Orderly, strong, rich
  • Tents and huts 
  • You can play in some of the huts: Trade office, maybe a bank and an ammunition depot.
  • British (but all nations represented), rich and poor, upper, middle and lower class
  • English is spoken
  • This place is attacked more often and is not safe.
  • Resources: military aid, finance, exotic goods, shells, fish, spices, bullets, weapons, booze, money....

Do you like to be in the heart of the action and find it rather exciting if enemies sneak around the camp? Do you like to defend your camp with your life?


Do you like being part of the intrigue between internal and external enemies? Nobility vs. East Inda Trading Company? Upper vs. lower class? Gang vs. gang? Everyone from James Town united against Taboo Moor, Huntsmen or even the "Mad Faces"?


Then James Town should be your choice! :)


English: Most of the players in James Town will speak English - so from the beginning of the game they will talk English - ingame as well as offgame. And in Friedheim most people will talk German. Language differences should only help the game and the immersion. In case of need, speak as you like. If you can't speak German, just answer in English.


What roles will you find there?

  1. Powerful: governor, nobility, East India Trading Company
  2. Upper class: doctor, explorer, teacher, diplomat, rich merchant, banker...
  3. Middle class: soldiers, trappers, merchants, craftsmen, farmers, fishermen...
  4. Lower class: beggars, thieves, bodyguards...

How does the shooting work anyway?


There are hardly any celebrations here. The situation is too tense for that. The governor doesn't want to hear any songs. And if he does, he wants to hear war songs or songs to praise his majesty. Therefore, many people from Jamestown visit Friedheim to relax and have some fun.


Not only the ordinaries, but especially the stiff lords, noble ladies and fine stuck-up prigs like the peaceful settlement of their neighbors very much: here they can relax a little. Here they can do "just good business" - even with the enemy. There are no ambushes in Friedheim. So you can give your opponents a good talking to - or spontaneously change sides.


Personalities and places in James Town

Photo: Svenja Heuer, photographer: foto.neve.portrait