Woods - tales, action and horror

You grap a lantern and sneak into the forest...

The forest is a potential for playing. A field of adventure! You camp in one of the quarters, the city or in the slums - but here and then you dare to sneak in the woods...

Put “Lord of the rings” in your mind, but with 90 Aragorns... quite boring, right? Exactly this is happening at some standard LARP: everybody is ultra cool and owns every possible skill. Almost nobody role-plays fear.


With us emotions are at stake: threatening, creeps, thrill, fear, suspense, sorrow... in a mass of heroes we hardly can experience those emotions.


In Tollgund there are only heroes of the second row. You enter the woods, not because you want to go fighting or winning, because you want to experience something exiting. A kick, a memory, something with your group - and for all the others.

The creatures of the woods are stronger than you!

This is how our Phalwargs look like:


Half orc, half troll - or half boar?


Almost every creature you meet in the woods is stronger than you. It doesn’t matter how strong and experienced you are in your fantasy: three really strong warriors are roughly as strong as one Phalwarg


At night it becomes even more threatening, when the shadows of the woods lie in wait for you and creep out between the trees. There is basically nothing that you can defeat. Ghosts, witches and other dark creatures... hide, sneak, flee or run away. Rarely you will be able to bargain.


Just a moment: Hiding? This is almost impossible at night, because you can only move while having a lantern. And the candle inside must be lit.


Please follow the rules for the wood play thoroughly! Else you are not allowed to enter the woods – you would just disturb the play of the others.