How can you die at Taboo Larp?

What is most dangerous for you?

  • Highest risk: you look a Mad Face right in the face (when you are on the ghost path).
  • High risk: you shoot a witch or a mystical creature.
  • High risk: you get shot.
  • Medium risk: you get caught by a rapier, saber, axe, knife or similar.

Basically the “rule of sacrifice” applies:


You decide for yourself if you die - and also when and how. So never be just dead right away! Drag on your death and die later e.g. in the arms of your lover. Your death should be "worth it". Especially for others.


But remember: the rule of sacrifice alone is not enough for us. Otherwise the thrill of adventure might vanish.


Therefore we have a ranking:


When you walk between Taboo Moor and Friedheim using the ghost path, shield your eyes. Look at to the ground and follow the lights (even by day). The Mad Faces will try to lure you. They want you to look into their horrible faces.


If you make a mistake, however, your character won't die right away. Start playing that you become sick or insane little by little.


Now your companions have about an hour to save you.

Possible rescue: the Narúne - or a very powerful witch from Taboo Moor - will help you. But these chars are not always there. If you are unlucky (e.g. they can't be found or won't/can't help you), prepare a nice death of your character. You will not be able to continue playing your char after that. For this case: Better take a second char with you.


This is really the hardest case. Are you too afraid of it? Avoid the ghost path!


And ... yes, the only safe place is Friedheim. Offgame and ingame as well. You can't get killed there! (okay, you might bleed to death by the wounds you received before, but no one can shoot or enchant you).


If you shoot with your pistol at a witch or some other mystical figure, it has an effect: You knock them down - or hurt them badly.


But it also has consequences to you: you'll be cursed. At first nothing happens. But later on, bad things will happen to you (if you are unsure of this, seek an orga). If you don't find a solution or a cure (e.g. with other witches or the Narúne), your curse will become stronger and stronger. It can lead to death. Or you will become so crazy that your char is no longer playable.


Sure, you might be shot as well. But even now your char is not simply dead - regardless if it was a neck or head shot. There are still quite good options for you to cope with it (voodoo etc.).


The classical larp weapons are also threatening - but less dangerous than a musket. You need help. But you die only if you like to (rule of sacrifice). Show fear when facing enemy weapons. Show emotions if someone threatens you.


But don't be too afraid and just hang out in Friedheim. If you get cursed or hurt, the show will go on. Keep in mind that this is a most welcome chance for drama and tension to create great play for others. And even in worst case, you don't have to go home. You can have fun with a second role as well.


Desired scenes:

  • A duel between two noblemen (or others). Both with pistols in their hands. Many spectators. Adjudicators. Crying faces. Friends wishing good luck - or saying goodbye. The duelists have fake blood ready (and hidden). Each one decides for himself how hard he has been hit by the opponents bullet.
  • Skirmishes between spellcasters and musket-bearers.
  • Sneaking up and then threatening others with a blunderbuss.
  • Running at someone who is pointing his gun at you, only to let him hit you - and than fall theatrically!
  • Hiding behind a tree - showing your hat to see if anyone shoots. BANG! You let the hat fly off.