Tickets for the Taboo Larp

You can order tickets right here - but better take your time and read everything below.


First click on "Verstanden" (that means “understood”). Then click on the flag to change the language to English.


No window opens? Then click on "jetzt den Shop öffnen" (that means “open the Taboo shop”).

"Aufschlag Turnhallen..." = if you have no tent fitting in the setting, this extra ticket could be interesting for you. You need a normal ticket and additionally this ticket, then you can sleep in a gym. The gym will be not part of the game, but it is very close to the main gaming area. You do need your sleeping stuff, i.e. sleeping bag, matress...


Please print your ticket directly as soon as you have received the email. Without ticket, no admission.

Do not lose it!


Con payer? This costs 50 Euro plus the last ticket price.


You want to sleep in a hut in any case?

Of course, we'll make sure you're more likely to stay in a cabin with your people. But there may be strangers with you as well.


If you are more than 1.95m tall or weight over 130kg, than better camp! Really, the beds are more youth hostel style. Officially 2m long, but it was a bit tight and short for our 2m guys.


Friedheim and James Town cabins are different (at Taboo Moor you can only camp):

Friedheim has more offgame cabins. They have a bit more comfort (kitchenette, bathroom, living room), but it is hardly possible to get into immersion when you are inside. There are three sleeping rooms each for two people. One of the bedrooms has some kind of double bed (but you can push the beds apart). The other four beds are bunk beds. If you are early, you can grab the double bed with your friend.


It´s not necessary to get the interiors in ambience shape - but if you like you can change the outside part, e.g. with fabrics, flags, etc. The huts themselves are part of the game.


The James Town huts look like log cabins from the outside and fit into the setting. You could keep the sleeping area ingame with a few resources (jute cloth...). So your group may play inside the huts as well. Full immersion! 😊


The block huts are for 8 or 12 people (common room). Each cabin has showers and restrooms (inside the cabin).


For the campers at James Town, there are showers and toilets directly at the site. Friedheim and Taboo Moor tent folk will walk about 100 - 300m. Beside the wash house there are some more toilets.

"Parkplatz" = you can park your car (for the whole weekend)


"Ausladen" = you can park your car for a moment to leave your stuff


"Geisterpfad" = path of the ghosts