Taboo Moor / Swamp - "The Outcasts"

  • "Moor" means swamp / heathland in German AND English
  • Menacing, dark, dirty, creepy, chaotic, forbidden, mystical
  • It is "taboo" to go here. But anyone who is hurt (mentally or physically) will only find healing here.
  • There are no nations, but all languages, cultural mix, mostly european descent (we mean ingame of course, offgame you your descent does not matter)
  • This place is very unsafe. On the one hand the people here get attacked sometimes - on the other hand many groups here behave hostile and aggressive (even among themselves).
  • Resources: potions, mushrooms, forbidden stuff, rituals, curses, healing

Even if visiting Taboo Moor is supposed to be frowned upon, (or forbidden as well): you will find a way to break the ban ingame 😉


What roles would fit here?

  • cultists, witches, shamans (Fantasy, not real shamans)
  • and others who can curse someone somehow
  • healers: of the body or the mind
  • fortune tellers and charlatans
  • members of a forbidden cult
  • people who have been expelled from one of the other villages...
  • everything that is somehow secret, mystical or creepy.

If you even want to represent magic, please write us your ideas in a few(!) words:




Which "spells" do you want to use? How do you play to show them? Please, don´t use any fast magic or even fighting spells. No classic larp spells like:fireball" or “magic shield”. Better be subtile, threatening, scary....


How could we represent magic?


Taboo Moor is colorful:


It would be great if most of Taboo Moor's inhabitants could NOT use magic: some of them are just went nuts - others seem healthy and strong, even defending the village with sabers and muskets (and carrying a hidden secret).


There are no cabin sites for Taboo Moor, only tent sites. And of course, it's not a real swamp (offgame).

Photo 1 (topmost): Marie as "Fren" after having a grin cut into her face.


Photo 2: Svenja Heuer, Photografer: Fabian Gocht

The "Hawakani Creek" is poisoned. Only a few settlers of Taboo Moor wash themselves in the creek. To some inhabitants - even some of the wickedest witches and cultists – the cleansing of the body is very important. Problem: the only bathhouse is located in James Town: "The public bath".


Offgame you can shower there from 5am to 10am - without giving ingame money. But please, do go ingame to the washhouse (ingame robe, camouflage culture bag etc.).


After 10am: Now we use the shortage for the game. At this time you will be charged some pounds (ingame currency) for using the public bath. But you can also play with it: Make promises, favors, gifts, special deals, ...


If you're in a bad shape and don't feel like playing at all, draw the joker: "I'll pay tomorrow, I promise!"