We don’t count points - but we sure do have some rules!

  1. Be empathic!
  2. Have fun and pass that fun on to others!

These are the main principles – our core beliefs.


Please read the rules before you buy your ticket. Take your time! You can only be a part of Tollgund, if you understand and accept the rules.


Lanterns with candles

You‘ll need a lantern with a candle if you want to go into the forest at night. As soon as the candle turns off, you can’t move any further. So it might be wise to take matches with you (no lighter!)… this could get very, very interesting!


3 companions max.

Only groups of three or less can go into the forest or the slums. Of course there are other groups of three around, but yours may only contain two other people.


There are only a few places in the woods and the slums, that can be occupied by more than 3 people at once. This might sound easy now (and you will get the hang of it!) – just keep reading, we will explain it in more detail, further down.


Don’t be too cool!

Let’s say you encounter a monster or a mystical creature in the woods. Do not yell bored „There is just another on of those stupid things! „


What you wanna do is this: you want to make this scene better. For you and for your fellow Larpers. This means, lower your voice, show (act) your fear and maybe say something like „Wait… May the gods help us… there is something coming…“. Do you see the difference?


To make it even more clear:


There are no ‚almighty, unshakeable heroes‘ in Tollgund. Everyone shows fear (and of course other feelings and faults) as long as it enriches the game play! In Tollgund you cannot play the almighty, all-knowing, seen-it-all character who is always cool, fights like a superhero and never ever is the tiniest bit afraid.


No shields, no long weapons, no big armour…

Shields, long weapons and big armour is prohibited. Leave it at home, you won’t need it!


On the one hand the the stuff will do you no good against what you will encounter in the woods at night. And on the other hand, it’s way easier for you to really get into those nice emotions (like fear) when you don’t hide behind a big shield, with a huge weapon wearing 10 kilos of armour! We encountered that a lot, it’s enticing to be suddenly invincible when you gear up- and it’s so immensely boring! For your fellow companions as well as for the NPC, and in the end, for you too. If you see someone in Tollgund with a shield, ist definitely an NPC.



Infight and headstrikes are allowed. Wait…what???

Yes…because you will be careful.

Remember rule 1? Be empathic!


Fighting in Tollgund is not about winning! It’s about creating a beautiful scene with and for others. Don’t fight like a martial arts pro, fight like an actor! Don’t count points, don’t try to win – be careful with your opponent and create an awesome fight scene with him or her. We did some videos on the topic and we’ll have some workshops for you right before we‘ll go InTime.


So in reality no one is just attacking random heads. Our fights are slower and more careful than you have seen on most Larps. We have been doing this for a long time – our fights are as save as houses.


Chests, scrolls and lights in the forest

Put your thinking cap on: if you go into the forest, don’t take the lights you find and let the chests be – so other players can enjoy them as much as you did.


Before you touch an artifact or open a chest: take a look around! You might find (in most cases) a scroll around with instructions or a riddle or maybe something else entirely. Take your time to read it. Sometimes you’ll find another scroll inside the chest you have opened.


For example: You find a chest in the woods. You see a tiny scroll attached to it. It reads „If you touch this chest, you will be poisoned. The poison will make you weepy and tell others your worst fears.“ And of course you touch it, because you are cool. You open the chest, find another scroll and gold. You read the scroll (which entails interesting information about a plot you are interested in) and you take the gold. You leave the chest and the two scrolls!


Don’t disturb any scenes

Of course you can go out time, just do it so that no on notices. Take your time and withdraw to a place where you won‘t disturb anyone.


If you wanna know more (and you do, don’t ya? ;-) just click on ‚our philosophy‘ (coming soon) or on FAQ.


The light rule explained

As already explained you can only move around in the woods, if your lantern is burning.


Should your candle go out – because you put it out or maybe it went out while you were running for your life - you can’t move your feet any more, so your stuck. But you can still move the rest of your body (talk, cry, maybe fight, beg for someone to take your hand etc.). Only with matches (yes, again only matches) you can rekindle your candle.


Intime the story goes like this: the forest roots are grabbing you, holding you in that spot until something might come for you…


OutTime this rule has another point. With the candle the NPC can see every player in the woods at all time. This makes it way scarier for the player and being stuck without the light, hearing something coming for you… let’s just say you don’t have to act being afraid as much as you think…


Your companions can help you as well. Let’s say you are alone in the woods, your candle is gone and your only get the courage to shout for help every once in a while. Maybe someone will hear you. The player can take your hand and take you with him, then you both may escape. This makes sense especially if you both are being hunted by a monster from the woods and you don’t have the time to light the candle. Theoretically speaking there could be three companions running together with one light as long as their hands touch.


The light rule only applies after dark, if you are not sure just light your lantern for safety. You really don’t want the forest to get angry at you.


And generally speaking: if you are breaking rules we will call you out on it and of course there are consequences. We are kind of like your mother, we will always know.

The 3 companions rule explained

In the woods and in the passageways of the slums you may only move around with two other companions. This applies 24 hours a day.


Should you be in a group with more than three people someone will point out „we are too many!“. Maybe you will scatter apart hurriedly – because at least one of you will become crazy from this gathering. This is not about a precise time, its about enhancing this scene for you and for your fellow gamers.


We’ve seen Larpers breaking this rule on purpose just to have a reason to play nuts for a while. Suddenly there where people eating moss, fighting without apparent reason, crying, screaming and doing creepy stuff. Just follow the rule but see it as a potential helper for enhancing your game play experience, not as a restriction.


By the way, the intime reason for this is a common ailment of Silurien: the kronesit. It’s a tick like ghost entity that feeds on bigger groups of people. It’s poison makes people crazy.


Of course there is a out time reason as well. We think smaller groups make for a greater dynamic in the game. It’s easier to enhance fear and other emotions, when you are in a smaller group.


If there are two groups in the forest shouting at each other, they are bound together, this means the kronesit will come.


But what will happen if two groups meet each other who have no interest in being bound together? They can just pass silently! It’s important that this rule never becomes a blockade for you. It’s always about fun and every rule is about making things easier for you!


Shadows, ghosts and other monsters do not count as companions! In the case of a fight, no one has to get crazy, just because there suddenly so many people around.


We hope this makes things clearer for you. If you have read everything and still have questions, just catch us on Facebook!