A larp for vulnerable heroes

Live Action Roleplay

11 - 15 September 2024 in Westernohe, Germany


Profound role-play at a constant high level.

A vivid city, without any Out Time distractions.

Mystic woods which offer adventures during the day and horror at night.

No power gamers – just characters with vulnerabilities.

Awesome IT parties with a heavy emphasis on mutual respect.


Our principle: have fun and help the others to the same too.

Immersion and Emotion

All our rules have one goal: we want to make it easy for you to immerse yourself into a fantastical world. That is why we reduce disturbing OT factors to a minimum. There will be no walkie-talkies or OT merchants.


Our ultimate goal is to get together to create beautiful memories, epic scenes, and goose-bump-moments!

The genre?

The City has a medieval look. The Slums are a dirty maze that bring to mind filthy dungeons. And the woods will pull you into their dark domain.


You could of course immediately buy a ticket. But we advise you to first look around. See if you are ok with our values and rules. Even if you are an experienced LARPer much of these will be new.


Then see which of the seven camps would fit your character. There are five City camps and the City center. Most of the players will find a place in one of the City camps.


Merchants, Artisans, and Craftsmen will need to apply for the City center. And the Slums require an application too.


Do you have any questions? See if your answers can be found in the FAQs.


In contrast to other big LARPs we will also be playing in the surrounding forests. However, players can only enter in small groups so the sense of adventure is intensified. During day time the woods will offer you adventure, action, and plot.


But it is during the night that the forest will display its entire threatening, creepy, and ghoulish nature.


Dirty and devious characters are waiting to pounce on innocent people just passing through. They weave their subtle webs of intrigue or will just brutally beat you for the few coppers you were carrying. And yet you know that in the Slums you can find all shady joys that daylight and the more civilized citizens are sure to frown upon.


Imagine a mix of dungeon, maze, and ghetto, displaying its own charm. It is dark, threatening, and full of schemes but at the same time mystical with its endless possibilities.


The parties in Tollgund continue late into the night and are filled with dancing, singing, and the rhythms of drums. We want to party hard and ecstatic as is fitting for our characters. But with style!


This only works when there is an environment of consideration and mutual respect. We therefore limit excessive alcohol usage and other disturbing behaviour.


And the City of Tollgund has more to offer. It is the pulsating center of all and full of light. It hosts the merchants (all IT!) who offer their wares and services. This is the place where civilized folk can meet for their normal business without fear.

When will the first event take place?

  • Some first players arrive on monday. Everything is Out Time. OT party at night.
  • Wednesday evening 20:00 everybody now goes into character – and dives into a different world. Attention: the Slums are still off-limits at this time.
  • Thursday: It is possible that some of the gates to the Slums open even earlier.

You will most likely arrive on Tuesday or Wednesday. Cars can drive onto the site until Wednesday evening. As soon as we start playing we want to reduce all disturbing influences of the modern world to an absolute minimum. That means no mobile phones, no cars, etc. We want to experience this fantasy world together and be part of a fairy tale.


Later arrivals are of course possible. You will just have to dress in your car and access the site on foot.

Where will Tollgund take place?

Bundeszentrum Westernohe

Zum Weitstein 50

56479 Westernohe



Big and great forests, beautiful camping site.


Showers and toilets are available in sufficient number, No need to rough it.


We recommend to you to drive with your car.

But via air might be a nice alternative. In this case you could book additionally a sleeping place in the gym. See Tickets.

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We also recommend you our facebook group „Tollgund international“. :)