Religion, violence, sex, critical scenes... where are the boundaries?

There is a basic principle:


Don't hurt or offend other people!


Unfortunately, the will is not enough. And the principle is a bit too "vague". So, we would like to write a little more. And we need examples!


On the one hand...


In larp, we enter a game world. And it's rough. So, I have to be prepared for the fact that some things go against the grain in ingame and perhaps also in offgame.


On the other hand...


There are already limits. We would not depict a scene of sexualised violence. Why? Because the probability is simply too high that some people in the environment have been traumatised. That's why there will be no sexualised violence scenes at our larps.


Now there are countless examples that are rather "borderline" for many. Would it be okay for people to act out "borderline" scenes in consultation? Yes, as long as everyone involved agrees (is familiar with each other - and is sure that it is okay for everyone).


Example: getting physical: Let's say you want to bump into someone. Provoke them, maybe even get into an infight. Is that okay? It depends. How well do you know the other Player? The higher the level of trust, the more you can dare. Bumping into a complete stranger is rather too risky (all ingame).


What about real-life religions? It's okay if you want to play a Christian or a Muslim. But be careful with denigrating "sanctities" (cross, commandments...). The benefit is small, but the risk of offending other offgame is simply too high.


Basically: If you are unsure, don't do it (or talk to us first).


We do not tolerate offgame racism. Even in the game, you should refrain from judging someone based on their skin colour, for example. If it does not violate offgame, you can use the following in the game, for example: "Merde, those Spaniards again!"


What about the use of firearms? We depict violence - with guns, among other things. In some cultures this would not be considerate because many people have experienced trauma tables (friends have been shot). Here in Germany, in the local larp scene, it's just super unlikely to have lost loved ones due to gunshot wounds.


And if they do? Then the person in question knows about their trauma. And can avoid our larp or decide beforehand how to deal with it.


Conclusion: Let's remain sensitive, but not oversensitive. Let's exaggerate roles, but not parody specific groups of people in such a way that it becomes a denigration. Be careful with things and symbols that could be sacred to others. Be careful with scenes that could trigger trauma. But: We don't play or write a social concept - we play in the worlds of Taboo, Penny Dreadful... and everyone has to decide for themselves whether the genre appeals to them or not.


Do you have any questions? Are you unsure about anything?


Write us:




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