Drums – the city of Tollgund

Tollgund is also alive during the day, full of ambience and 100% InTime:

  • Hundreds of small plots and quality role-play
  • No mobile phones, mass tourism or OutTime bubbles like on some big LARP festivals
  • At night the city turns into an enchanting world: candles, torches and myth – instead of flashy LEDs and real life beer bottles

The city of Tollgund is the heart of the game

DRUMS does not stand only for drumming – also for the town and the magic all around. The merchants who want to join us – offering food or goods – pay no stand fees, only a stake for water and electricity (if needed).

But we wish that also the merchants stay InTime: in their way of role-playing as well as the ambience of their stands and booths.


Even on smaller events always compromises are made: fridges, LED, coffee machines, labelled beer bottles...


We understand this and accept this, when we are visiting other LARPs. But we want to create something new. Our hearts start beating faster, when we see stands like the „Zum hinkenden Ainhorn“ (limping Unicorn), who’s crêpes are 100% InTime, as well as players that cover their beer bottles in cloth bags to camouflage them.

We are not reenacters at all and do not need 100% reality. It’s just about the feeling, the illusion. Many small things create the whole magic. For this reason we better choose just one out of 10 stands and booths, but create therefor a unique amience. Yes, the expenditure is higher – and so what? For this the experience is way much better!




"You arrive the streets of Tollgund while passing the slums that are still asleep. You hear the noise of a saw and a hammer and catch a glimse of a weavers work. You lost a beggar; children are playing on the streets. From one side the smell of a cooking pot reaches your nose, a greengrocer offers his products.


Finally you arrive as hoped at the tavern „to the coffee grounds“ at the theatre district, that is well known for its real strong coffee. In the theatre next by the actors prepare for their evening act and the bards tune their instruments“


The centre itself is actually the city of Tollgund: here are to find grocers, taverns, teahouses, craftsman and many more. You can easily find here some plot and role-play of course – but usually there will be no danger at all.


The PCs camp and sleep close by the town in their corresponding camps and slums – every day they stream into the town of Tollgund to feed themselves, to drink, to go shopping, to exchange, to gamble, to party – to live to see this! 


Thrill seekers preferably leave town and discover the slums. And if that’s not enough creeps for them, they scout out the woods at night...


And why drums again?

Live music is something magic to LARP. Especially drums have something profound and ancient.


The same as we avoid LED lights and are getting romanticised by the shine of the fire of torches and campfires, the same can drums help us to do „holiday from everyday life“, and not amplified singing. We hear tootling everywhere – on every festival there is music out of a can.


At Tollgund every music is played live. This gets us connected:


The musician with the crowd – and even more with the dancers. On our former Vhinbrosir-LARPs there was deep drumming far into the night, while adventurers were scouting out the woods to experience action and creeps. For them it was very special to hear the drums from the distant town while they were sneaking through the shadows of the forests.


It is not all about the drums – just these instruments are the most dominant. Well, bagpipes also are... and so every kind of music is welcome to Tollgund: guitars, lutes, didges... important is that it’s not amplified, but coherent and enriching! 


And what about harps and flutes? Of course! Not really suitable for a party obviously, but absolutely able to enchant  romantic moments on a fireplace  *melting *


Join us as a bard, if you want to enrich the scenery! It does not matter ether with tender tones or lightning a party.