In all our games there is a clear line between offgame and ingame:


Your offgame skin color, religion, cultural background, gender… has nothing to do with your role, you want to play. You can be of any gender - we support all LGBTQ+ people - and play any gender as character. If you have any disabilities, of course you can play any role (and you don’t have to play in Taboo Moor). This is the base of our core values:


Empathy, tolerance, growth and love! We are AGAINST racism, transphobia, homophobia, sexism or other exclusionary attitudes and actions. Offgame we do NOT want to harm any other person - be it physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. We expect the same from all players.


If we portray something in the game that is hostile or exclusionary, that is part of the conflict game, part of the story, and part of the experience of intense game scenes for all. We assume that we only play with empathic people who share these values, which unfortunately does not exclude in the game that a personal offgame boundary could be reached or even crossed. In case of doubt, the other person is not aware of this and it happened unintentionally in the sense of the game. Therefore, everyone also has the possibility to set their own limits: "Oh mother, I don't want that..." or "really, really...". (Means STOP offgame)


We orgas and NPCs do participate and are part of the game. And we know and trust many players. So, we have a lot of eyes. If any player misbehaves, disregards boundaries of others or breaks rules, we give feedback directly. A player who does not accept the feedback, will be taken out of the game.


Do you have any questions? Are you unsure about anything?


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