The French Huntswomen and Huntsmen

The French huntsmen and huntswomen live in the northern forests of Hawakani Island.



  • Tricorn hat or fur cap,
  • high collar or mouth scarf,
  • long coats, furs


  • Shotgun, pistol,
  • saber, short axe or dagger

Special personalities:

  • Nolwenn, the leader
  • Monte, the sniper
  • Juna, the translator
  • "The Man of Mist" Servan, shaman

Nolwenn tends to stay in ambush during battles - she leads from hiding. Quiet and suddenly aggressive. She makes the Huntsmen an unpredictable opponent.


The James Towners are more afraid of Monte, the sniper. He can shoot fingers off his opponents from 100m away - on purpose. Allegedly, only Gunhild Berg from Friedheim can match his shooting skills.


Juna translates in case there is ever a trial. The French translators in James Town are of no use, as they do not speak the Huntsman language.


The shaman Servan would be more likely to be found in Taboo Moor. He is now only called "the man of mist" because a thick fog appears next to all the smoke during a skirmish - but only when Servan is present.


Before the British came, the Huntsmen were settlers in the French colony of Hawakani Island. They weren't real French: they were called the "late Anabaptists," who had found little tolerance for their church in Europe. They also tended to speak a mixture of Breton and French, so that a true Frenchman could hardly understand a word.


The late Anabaptists were promised freedom and tolerance in the new colony (and got rid of them) - until the British came and drove them into the forest. The late Anabaptists could not go back to Europe.


The remaining bunch consists of a band of hunters, trappers, fishermen and forest-dwellers. Therefore, the James Towners just call them "Huntsmen." However, "living off the woods" doesn't work out so well now, so they've expanded their business portfolio: looting and extortion.


A few months ago, there were skirmishes from time to time, but they quickly agreed on a peaceful "trade".


In the meantime, the situation has boiled up: there is a war on! The Huntsmen are hunting James Town, and last week they even captured one of the witches from Taboo Moor.