Slums – the dirty lower town

Are you an „upper townie“ and do you live in one of the quarters or even in the city of Tollgund


If so visit the slums only when you are open for adventure, intrigues and the dark. When you have fun being threatened, crawling though dark passages and solve mysteries. If you are cool with getting cheated – or even being beaten up and robbed.


No worries, just being beaten up InTime – all possible fights  are just well acted and very carefully.


Follow the rules when you are entering the slums (max 3 persons in the passages, at night you need a lantern with a candle). Oh yes, don’t even try bringing long weapons along, when you want to explore the slums – they will not help you. Preferably have a dagger with you....


Do you want to be part oft he slums?


...therefore a beggar, a thief, a cheat, a ruffian or simply a penniless character struggling along?


Our demands on a slum playing character – shortly slum  - are extremely high. Only try to become a slum, when you:

  • are very empathic
  • are not scared of getting dirty and make up yourself
  • can stand fear and creeps in the walks
  • have fun on infights
  • have really fun to provide great scenes to others: threatening, action, creeps, rotten business, lies and intrigues, blood and snot...

Imagine the place slum like that:


Several black yurts (tent) are connected – this creates a system of passages. We do this already for many years on a small scale: sometimes PC get lost in the passages. The kick: what lies waiting behind the next corner? Enemy gangs could meet in the passages…


In Tollgund we want to enlarge the slums for the very first time: 100 slum players spread out on many big yurts, small tents, open squares and passages. This creates the illusion of a fantasy ghetto: dark, devious, dirty, a bit mystic and dangerous.


Attractive places like a drug cave, taverns, shisha temples, casino tempt foreign visitors into the slums: to make business, to do forbidden business, to enjoy ecstasy (InTime drugs!!!, not real ones), see bloody fights… of course with artificial blood, nobody wants to get really hurt.


The slums are not united though: several gangs are fighting for the quarters, it feels like “the gangs of New York” – with it’s own charm.


If you are keen on being a slum player, please write Thomas an email. He is the orga of the slums - any application goes through his hands.


Why should a player be visiting the slums?


They feel like intriguing cheating, mafia-ambience, wild parties, dark secrets, action, threatening, kick, very intense role-play and – plot!