Character Creation

First of all: Your char can die - if you play more risky. Hence create also a second char. Just in case. See "Char death and risks”


If you already have a rough character, please fill in the following char sheet.


There are some series that help us immerse into this new genre. One great series is Taboo (Tom Hardy):

When you watch the series Taboo, there's a danger: we fall in love with the main character - and want to copy that very character.


In the series, Tom Hardy plays super cool! He's basically not afraid of anything. That doesn't work well in larp. What happens if most players wouldn't play their characters fears? Less drama, less emotions.


Your challenge: just let the series inspire you. Do not copy! Above all, don't play a super hero!


When you create a character, make sure that it doesn't only have strengths. More important are weaknesses!


Super important:

  • Show fear
  • Play out pain

Your outfit can look really great. Your name can sound very awesome and so can your story. You can also get two muskets, a saber and a hand axe. But:


If someone threatens you with a gun: show fear. Even better: feel it! Imagine how dangerous it would be. React accordingly: negotiate, hesitate, get "smaller". Give the other person the power and the space for a moment.


Pointing your gun at a witch? Shake a little. Doubt. Don't pull the trigger right away. You might even give up firing. Play off your respect and fear of her magic. Maybe you point the gun at her and then retreat backwards.


Or you pull the trigger after all, and the witch collapses and cries out. Triumph! For a short moment... but then you get really scared! You hear her voice in your head. "You are cursed!" Even magic only works if you play along - and imagine what could happen to you.


Trembling, you run to the settlement, staggering back to safety. Your friends notice something is wrong with you. Drama! This is fun! Especially for the others. It creates much more gameplay potential and beautiful scenes than the alternative:


"I'm a cool veteran and have experienced so much: I know no fear. Oh yeah, I don't feel pain either. Not even torture."


Booooring! Booooring!


Aside: if you let yourself have feelings like fear, you'll have more fun, too. Someone who is ultra cool going into the woods at night will never be able to feel suspense or even horror.


Acting, showing weaknesses, fear and pain also applies to nobles and rich. And also for shamans and witches! You play a witch and someone points a gun at you? Sure, your curse will hit him...your sisters will retaliate. But for a moment your breath catches - your gaze becomes uncertain. Maybe you can seduce the James Towner? Promise something?


Or you dish out, insult him savagely - just so he can blow you away and you collapse screaming and whimpering. That's how you "gift" the other person a great moment.


Do NOT play it cool! Feel - and show emotion!


Can you play dark 24/7? Sad, threatening, mystical....


I'm sure some of us can. But really, the question is: are we having that much fun?


Slapstick and love may always work. But if you play a character who's always sad or full of anger, the fun goes down. For many of us.


On the one hand, we want full immersion. And with the Taboo Larp dark, nasty and intriguing play. On the other hand, we can't do that for three days.


Possible ideas:

  1. start in Friedheim
  2. start somewhere - and play a Friedheim-char occasionally
  3. start somewhere - and go offgame consciously.

To 1: You register in Friedheim. This village is loving and peaceful. No spells, sinister rituals, no threats or violence. Slaptstick, joy and free play. From there you take off and have a a piece of the pie - from the dirty and nasty James Town. Or from the mystical and bloody Taboo Moor.


You want more free and peaceful play? You're safe in Friedheim - our "holy haven". 😊 Fucking Hippies. 😉 That's a bit exaggerated. There are also secrets and problems. It's about the core.


To 2: You play a lunatic or a witch in Taboo Moor? An arrogant lady or a nasty thug in James Town? Then take a second char with you. Preferably a nice Friedheimer. Thus you can consciously distance yourself from your role - and be "liked" sometimes. Many of us need that. Then go out for a quiet dinner and... laugh. Celebrate exuberantly in the evening and let your bloody cult priest sleep earlier.


To 3: Play what you like - but plan breaks. Go offgame consciously. Important: Do not drag others into offgame. Make sure you never disturb others! Stay in the tent with friends and talk quietly about the scenes or go for a walk outside the area. Then come back refreshed and immerse yourself all over again. Consciously.


You'll probably have a lot more fun that way. I can't manage to play "evil" or dark for 3 days. With breaks it works. And it becomes much more intense that way. Such a balance helps totally.


For us, it's important that the following doesn't happen:

Friday night the witches come over to Friedheim, become super nice, are so half offgame and everyone has a nice evening. Such an ingame / offgame mix is not cool. Let's rather think in phases. Full immersion. Very consciously. That way, we'll have really intense scenes more often.


If you are already registered for the Taboo Larp, you can fill out the following char sheet. This will help us and you: to get even more out of the larp.

Do you have any questions? Are you unsure about your char ideas?


Write us:




Please keep it short! Big rocks will do. :)