Fake Blood?

Get dirty. Make yourself ugly. Make yourself bloody! 🎃



🤝We don't randomly spill people with fake blood!


Nobles, for example, can easily take cover. Or wouldn't necessarily need to visit Taboo Moor either. Or in case of doubt rather say a "really, really, I don’t want this..." (means offgame "no, thanks") in individual cases. That way, others wouldn't HAVE to pay too much attention or ask every time using fake blood. Means:


Our concern: after the event, someone says, "Oh great, now I have blood splatter on my shirt - you could have told me that could happen beforehand."


Basically, everyone has their own blood and uses it for themselves.


But there are some exceptions:

  • A beating/fighting scene with spectators (spectators get splattered).
  • A torture scene by the Mad Faces or Huntsmen: player is trapped and gets splattered with blood during the scene.
  • player is at a ritual or sick healing scene with the Narune or in Taboo Moor. The cult leader dips her fingers in fake blood and splatters the faces of the participants....
  • Etc.

100% control would not be possible in these scenes. And then we don't want to ask if it's okay for everyone.


Is it possible to get doused with blood during a nasty ritual in Taboo Moor? It can happen.


And at that, each player still is able to control the scene:

  1. Which character do you play? Which wardrobe do you use?
  2. Do you go to the dark rituals? How risky do you play?
  3. What do you wear when you leave your camp?

And in a pinch, you can always draw the "really, really" joker.


For a noblewoman or fine merchant, cleanliness of wardrobe is definitely more important - than for a whaler or a priestess.


Someone from the East India is probably less likely to use the Ghost Path or go to Taboo Moor. And even then, you might cover your frilly shirt with an old cloak (to protect it). Even if we just use nasty fake blood. Which we don't.


Big Rocks to fake blood:

  • We don't explicitly ask when we handle blood.
  • But you can pull out / protect yourself.
  • Basically take your own blood for you.
  • Everyone uses good fake blood.

What does good fake blood mean? Not beet or coffee, but film blood, which has been proven many times (Kryolan, Maskworld...). You can safely wash it off your skin and very likely wash it out of your wardrobe later. We can never promise 100% safety.


Is it possible to use fake blood without disturbing the immersion?


  1. in a ritual (witches) where blood is am ingame component.
  2.  in a fistfight - and the fighters have "blood claps" in their fists.
  3.  as a Medic (soaked bandages, syringes...)
  4.  our "threating-chars" mostly have blood-squirt-ampules with them. In combat, torture... In scenes we use it so that the player hardly notices anything.