Big Rocks, Events and Procedure Tollgund 2024

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Check In: Show your ticket. Don't have one with you? 225 euros (con payers).


September 11-15, 2024


DPSG Federal Center Westernohe (Zum Weitstein 50, 56479)


Self-catering con - but we have a tea house, a tavern and much more.


You can arrive on Monday (9.09.) from 1 pm - keep 20 Euro ready for early arrival. Tuesday 10 Euro early arrival.


You will receive an admission wristband at check-in. If you lose it or don't wear it: 10 euros


Bring 1-2 tarpaulins with you! It could rain during set-up or dismantling. When you arrive, you must first unload your things and then drive away. Only then can you set up your tent.


Are you arriving on Wednesday after 18:45? Please drive as close to the site as your car will not be noticed by any player. Get dressed first, then go to the "Sold&Sühne" tavern (for check in). Go to your quarter - and only THEN get your things.


If you want to make a fire, bring firewood with you. Important, you need:

  • Fire extinguisher and bucket of water - ready to hand (for each fire)
  • Fire bowl - do not leave any black holes (e.g. remove the turf beforehand)
  • Someone to keep watch over the fire.
  • Set-up: let's create a city feeling! Tents close by, narrow alleys, open camps, circuits...
  • Let's light up Tollgund at night too: Please put up some lights to your street entrance (LEDs).
  • No real candles unguarded: ambience lanterns with LEDs (but please no spotlights!)
  • No foreign currency - leave your copper at home. You will get ingame money from us.
  • No visible weapons in the upper town (upper town = everything except slums and prakken). Safe and only Larp padded weapons.
  • Players from Prakken and the Slums may not even bring hidden weapons into the Upper Town (ingame rule).
  • Anyone who masks their face will not be recognized by ingame.
  • The forest can only be entered via one entrance.
  • Dark Shard Room: To enter the forest, you must first pass through this dungeon. (There may be one or two secret passages. You'll know if it's a secret passage - or if you're cheating).
  • Graveyard: can only be entered at night.
  • Slums, forest, graveard and dungeon: are dangerous. Only visit these places if you are resilient. And sober! It's all about adventure, horror and action. Party and slapstick don't fit in here. The light and 3 rules apply here (see below).
  • Dogs: are unfortunately not allowed.
  • If you have any questions or problems in the game, please contact one of our team (or any player will help you).

Events and Schedule:

The Tollgund 2024 events take place at different locations. For the workshops, we usually meet in front of the tavern Sold & Sühne. We will then continue from there - so make sure you arrive on time.


Most workshops are ingame, so stay in your role ("Bone Power", Fightclub...).


Some workshops will be in german only (i.e. Storytelling) others will be open for non-german speakers (i.e. "bone power").



  • Arrival from 1 pm (check in)
  • Set-up, relaxing evening


  • Work&Connect with the slums: "Come along, lend a hand and get to know us!" (Thomas)
  • Evening: Party, campfire...


  • Work&Connect with the slums: "Come along, lend a hand and get to know us!" (Thomas)
  • 12:45 p.m. Theater workshop (Roland)
  • 14:00 - 15:00 Storytelling (Heinrich)
  • 15:00 Sani workshop (Arne)
  • 16:00 Court dance workshop (Torben)
  • 16:40 - 18:00 NSC Briefings
  • 18:10 - 18:50 ingame group pictures in the quarters (Shanny)
  • 18:50 Workshop and Orga address in general: for new Tollgund-Players and to refresh (Marketplace).
  • 20:00 Orga address in the quarters: final info (newcomers only), group immersion.
  • 20:15 Time In - at the latest now we are in the game.


  • 11:00 a.m. ingame-Workshop Bone Power or "Knochenkraft" (Razula)
  • 11:00 offgame-Workshop for Larp-Newbies (Heiko). Search for "Tryck" (2m,beard) (in Sold&Sühne)
  • 12:00 ingame-Workshop: 1st Rule: Talk about the Fight-Club (Herr&So)
  • 12:30 Market (open marketplace) - everyone comes and everyone can offer something!
  • after the market: approx. 2 pm feast (Uppdag)
  • 4 p.m. circus (market square or circus)
  • 6 pm masked ball (Kardorers and invited guests)
  • 2o pm Masquerade party (open to everyone with a mask)
  • Night of Courage (Croga)


  • 11:00 am Bone Power (Razula)
  • 12:00 1st Rule: Talk about the Fight-Club (Herr&So)
  • 4 p.m.: Horse racing (Kardor)
  • 6pm: Feast of Three, with food and music (Croga)
  • 19:00: Fight circle in the slums (The Fox and Herr&So)
  • Evening: Bard competition (Franden)


  • 12:00 Bone power (Razula)
  • 12:00 1st Rule: Talk about the Fight-Club (Herr&So)
  • 12:30 Market (Marketplace) - everyone comes and everyone can offer something!
  • 15:00 Tournament of the houses: Crashball
  • 8 p.m.: Festival of Lights (fire dance) - banishing the shadows (Festival of Lights Square, meet on the market square beforehand)
  • 9 p.m.: Party, drumming, dancing - still banishing the shadows


  • Dismantling day - please leave your places clean (until 16:30)

If you have been larping for a while and are joining us for the first time: We really do start at these times. Above all, please show up on time for the organization talk (even if you think you already know everything).


There are basically two organization speeches: The first one is for everyone who is attending for the first time. Or need a refresh. The second one is in the respective quarters - and super short: Here your Orga talks about new things. Additionally we immerse in the game (guided immersion).


Be dressed by Wednesday 18:00 at the latest. And your campsite should fit in the ambience (no plastic bags...).


Don't worry, you'll catch the big events! People gather, it is called out. Exception: small courses such as bone power... you should be ready for these - and close to the location.

Market: Show up, poke arround, haggle, buy... or bring stuff and sell. Loiter as a beggar and grovel in front of the upper townspeople. Steal and run away from the Tollwacht (the city guard). Just: Be there! :)


Festival of Lights: bring a light (lantern, LED, not brightly lit). There are incredibly good fire artists. It's best to come an hour early - we'll meet at the market. From there we will set off together and end at the festival of lights square.

Tournament of Houses and Crashball: It's not about being fitter and scoring more points - it's about fun, a good game and a heated atmosphere.


Take part in as many events as you like. The more the merrier!


Rock on! 😊

Most important rules and values


  • You can only go into the forest, the dark shard field and through the corridors of the slums in groups of three (or less). However, you can pass other groups.
  • If you go into the forest/dark shards or slums at night, you can only move around if you are carrying a lantern - and the light is lit. Or someone will take you by the hand if they are carrying a lantern. High forest fire level? Then use LEDs instead of real candles.
  • You can't do magic. You're not a hero, captain or member of the nobility.
  • Your Char is a human: not a dwarf, orc, kender or elf.
  • You do not wear armor, wield powerful weapons or carry a shield.
  • Combat: Infight is allowed - because you fight slowly and carefully. It's all about acting. Not about winning. You fight for the others.
  • If you find a chest, lights or large artifacts (grave slab, giant bones...), please leave them in the forest. Others can still visit this place. Only take small things with you, such as coins, stones etc.
  • If you see a note, you can read it and use the game offer. Leave the note behind.



  • If you're not sure about the rules, don't worry! Play first! Ask yourself: What do the others need? Feel with them.Prepare yourself: Use our homepage, read, watch the videos and take part in the workshops. The better prepared you are, the more fun you'll have - and the more fun you'll give others.
  • Give others beautiful scenes. Generate play potential.
  • Play submissive sometimes! Make others big. When you're in the slums, for example. Or be submissive if you are a slumer in the upper town.
  • If you like, accept play. Most of us are grateful when we are offered something - or even when people accept our offers. It's often the little scenes that enrich the world.
  • Immersion: Make sure that we stay in immersion as much as possible. Sure, you can go offgame - just do it in such a way that you don't disturb anyone. Whisper or retreat to your tent. Don't traipse to the shower with your toiletry bag, but hide visible offgame things.
  • Act out your emotions: Get involved in the scene and play along - act. As best you can. Don't play a "cool" character, a veteran who has experienced everything. Make sure your character has weaknesses. What is your character afraid of? How do you show fear, sadness, joy...?
  • Realism, logic, numbers or perfection are not important to us. We are interested in beautiful scenes. Intense emotions. Goosebumps. Drama. Fun. Community. Excitement!
  • You don't need an organization in any scene. That's what the notes, boxes - values and free play are for. You can't cast spells, you don't need an orga. Dive in and play! Are you unsure? Just do it. If you're still unsure, come to us - we'll be happy to help!

Photo at the top and bottom from Chris Vaupel